Advent Calendar

This time last year, over on my old blog, Lacer’s Life, I posted about an advent calendar that I had made, I thought, considering the date, it would be appropriate to reblog here.

Lacer's Life


I made an advent calendar! To be honest, this was one of those projects that sounded great initially in my head but I had to force my way through it a bit when I started it (and to get myself to complete it) but now it’s done, I quite like it! Okay, some of the embroidery is extremely dodgy, which is what happens when you’re stitching in bad light / on tiny hoops where you’ve not allowed yourself enough fabric / on trains / trying to do fill stitch using black floss over black ink on Sulky Solvy and you can’t always tell if you’ve completely covered the area you want to cover.

Some of my more better examples of embroidery

I created the project by making a page in Word with the numbers 1. to 24. (obviously) at the sort of font size I wanted (I think it was…

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