5 things I liked this week – 13.10.17

1. S won a voucher for a studio portrait last summer, so we went along for a portrait of the kids over the holidays. The photographer took loads of beautiful photos but the voucher was just for one photo and ouch, you don’t want to know how much money we spent on school uniform this summer, so we could only order one photo out of the whole lovely lot, which made me feel a little bad. Anyway I went to pick the photo up recently and it is indeed lovely in the flesh, so if you happen to be needing a portrait photographer in South West London, I can recommend Memorygate (not sponsored or anything).

2. Star Trek Discovery was excellent again.

3. This sent literal chills down my spine, so good (in a horribly necessary sort of way) – click on link for video.

4. Autumn colours in Richmond Park.

5. Having some ‘time off’ work, I work a zero hour contract job, I have fixed shifts plus overtime / short-term projects, I don’t have any fixed shifts between Wednesday and Friday but I normally work overtime then but I didn’t have any this week plus I’ve also booked Saturday off, so it’s rather blissful. Obviously that means a lower paycheck for this week (although I do get paid annual leave) but I’m currently particularly enjoying the ‘time off’ because I know I have loads of overtime next week and I also have a short-term project coming up that means I will be really busy for a month.


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