Sneak peek – Marbled

This week I started on Lark Rising’s Marbled Embroidery pattern. I’m having lots of fun with it so far. To me though, although the pattern does remind me of marble, it far more reminds me of an Ordnance Survey map, so the colours I’m working with are inspired by that.

Elephant Ear Plant

I’ve finally finished the Elephant Ear Plant embroidery. The pattern is by Sarah K Benning, it’s not currently in her shop but this cute cat and rug pattern currently is.

Sneak peek – still more elephant ear plant and rug

I’ve just run out of the colour that I’ve been doing the French knot fill, on the rug. As long as I can get some more, without having to order it, I should hopefully finish this next week. Pattern by Sarah K Benning.

Sneak peek – Elephant Ear Plant continued

The leaves took forever, partially because by the last leaf (the one nearest the right side of the hoop) I was, I’ll admit, getting a little bored but the leaves are done now and I’m storming ahead, with the plant pot and table (bar the legs) completed and I’ve made a good start with the…

Sneak peek – elephant ear plant

I am currently in the mood for slow, detailed embroidery that takes ages. This is the elephant ear plant pattern from Sarah K Benning (she changes the patterns in her shop on a monthly basis, so this one is no longer available).

In Bloom

Pattern by Jess Wariorka for DMC.

Sneak peek – WIP

I know it doesn’t look like it but I tidied my desk recently. I normally keep WIP hoops in a craft bag but this one is so big, I’m keeping it out on my desk. You can find the pattern in the DMC pattern library.