Sneak peek / garden progress

The first flower in my tin of bee friendly flowers, opened today. I think it’s a cornflower? I planted some fuchsias this week. The plant in between is garlic chives, which had been in a pot on my garden table, I’d temporarily stuck the fuchsias next to it, whilst I was getting ready to plant…

May 2019 Books

Metro 2033 by Dmitry Glukhovsky My rating: 4 of 5 stars Metro 2033 is interesting, a post-apocalyptic story set in the Moscow Metro. Armageddon has happened some years previously and the survivors in the Metro have settled down into an existence that is kinder for some than for others. Each Metro station has become a…

On the menu – Spiced Squash Galette

Thursday This is Spiced Squash Galette from the One Pound Meals vegan book. It was okay, a bit bland to be honest and I probably won’t make again.

May 2019 photos

Random photos this month, as I haven’t been doing anything particularly special, although thinking about it, getting out and enjoying the sunshine in my garden is pretty good. Here’s one of my garlic chive flowers, which are always a favourite with both myself and the bees. I popped into Kew, ostensibly to buy some plants…


I’m trying to switch to more reusable stuff and there’s nothing better than a bad cold to make you think about getting rid of those paper tissues. I’d had a packet of Sublime Stitching embroiderable handkerchiefs in my stash forever, so now was the time. All the motifs I used were also from Sublime Stitching….

On the menu – Make-Me-Better Mug

Monday I have a stinking cold (perfect timing as I have a job interview soon), so I thought I’d try Jack Monroe’s Make-Me-Better Mug (you can find the recipe here). It’s turmeric, lemon, ginger, honey and a little pinch of cayenne pepper (that last bit is optional). So baring in mind my taste buds are…

Sneak peek – another Dropcloth sampler

My creative mojo isn’t particularly strong at the moment, so that’s the perfect time for a Dropcloth sampler to come to the rescue (I have several stored away as genuine emergency crafting measures).

On the menu – Cinnamon Spice Cake

Friday This is Cinnamon Spice Cake from Simple Cake by Odette Williams and it’s okay. I haven’t baked in ages, so it is a little disappointing as a first bake back, it’s quite a wholesome cake, ie not the sort of cake you’re probably thinking of when you’re craving cake but it’s okay. It is…

Sneak peek – slow progress

I’ve been very slowly working on a new design since January. It’s massive, it took months (with a lot of off and on again) just to design the thing. It will take even longer to stitch…..