Another Naoshi embroidery

I love the Naoshi pattern set, so I couldn’t resist embroidering another one of the patterns, this time on my denim jacket.

5 things I liked this week – 12.5.17

1. Successfully making sourdough. 2. American Gods (as in the TV series) is soooo good. 3. Making tiny hexies for a pincushion. 4. A trip to Camden (I haven’t been for donkey’s years) 5. I’m still working my way through Couch to 5k (again) and now I’m on longer distances, I’m back to running in Richmond Park,…

On the menu – sourdough attempt 2

Monday My first attempt at sourdough did not go well, so this time, still using the same starter, I followed the method in James Morton’s book, Brilliant Bread and oh it was so, so much better. Whereas the method in Modern Baker is a certain folding technique, with James Morton it’s a good long knead,…

Floral Spray

I couldn’t resist doing another Thread Folk pattern. Although the pattern is not really designed for it, I thought I’d doing this one in wool. (Excuse the frix-iron marks, it turns out it’s not the easiest thing to iron off, when your embroidery is that 3D)

1″ hexagon pincushion

I fancied doing some tiny, itsy, bitsy hexagons (the template for which, I downloaded here) and I thought I’d turn them into a pincushion. 1″ hexies are fun!

Sneak peek – embroidering my denim jacket

Another Sublime Stitching – Naoshi pattern, this time on my denim jacket, which I haven’t been able to wear for about a week whilst I’ve been embroidering this, so I need to hurry up and finish!

5 things I liked this week – 5.5.17

1. Making sourdough. 2. A gorgeous walk in Richmond Park, I am very into Shinrin-Yoku (forest bathing) at the moment. 3. I planted some wild garlic, a week or so ago. There are so many wild garlic recipes that I would like to try but I have some time (possibly years) before I manage to…

On the menu – spinach pesto and sourdough

Friday I’m trying to eat more healthily, that is not to say that I’m suddenly going to restrict naughty stuff, I’m more going about it, in the way of what I’m adding to my diet not taking away (although I am trying to eat more mindfully too, as in ‘when I eat that chocolate bar, am…

Sublime Stitching – Naoshi patterns

I love the new Naoshi patterns over on Sublime Stitching, I have a feeling I’ll be stitching more than one! (Unfortunately, this one had to go through the washing machine with a colour catcher sheet, darn you red embroidery floss!)

Sneak peek – sourdough starter

I’ve been nurturing a sourdough starter this week, following the instructions in Modern Baker. It started to show signs of life on Friday, which was actually quite exciting. This is the starter just before I gave it an extra big feed prior to making a loaf the next day.