Sneak peek – Elephant Ear Plant continued

The leaves took forever, partially because by the last leaf (the one nearest the right side of the hoop) I was, I’ll admit, getting a little bored but the leaves are done now and I’m storming ahead, with the plant pot and table (bar the legs) completed and I’ve made a good start with the…

Sneak peek – elephant ear plant

I am currently in the mood for slow, detailed embroidery that takes ages. This is the elephant ear plant pattern from Sarah K Benning (she changes the patterns in her shop on a monthly basis, so this one is no longer available).

In Bloom

Pattern by Jess Wariorka for DMC.

Sneak peek – WIP

I know it doesn’t look like it but I tidied my desk recently. I normally keep WIP hoops in a craft bag but this one is so big, I’m keeping it out on my desk. You can find the pattern in the DMC pattern library.

Sneak peek – more knitting

I’ve been really busy with work recently, so not as much crafting as I would like. Anyway, I’m starting to knit a scarf for my son, my own pattern.

Two more last minute cowls

I made two more Last Minute Cowls this week, one for me (the grey one) and the other for a friend of my daughter’s. I particularly like the colour combination I used for the one for S’s friend, it’s the most contrasting combination I’ve used yet and the two colours reminded me of white chocolate…

Party Panda

This was meant to be a Christmas present but it was a last minute craft and disaster struck even more last minute because when I washed off the Sulky Solvy on Christmas Eve, the black embroidery floss ran! Luckily though, a trip around the washing machine with a colour catcher and a scoop of stain…