July 2019 photos

Southbank. Soho. I had two trips to Tate Modern this month, the first trip. Home. The second Tate Modern trip, where we saw the absolutely excellent Olafur Eliasson exhibition, one of the best exhibitions I’ve been to in ages, it’s a lot of fun. An actual cloud!

June 2019 photos

This one is slightly cheaty, as it was taken in May but after I’d posted my May 2019 photos, it’s the view down an extremely steep path up Box Hill in the Surrey Hills. More Richmond Park loveliness. St. Paul’s churchyard. The name escapes me for the moment but these are gardens planted in an…

May 2019 photos

Random photos this month, as I haven’t been doing anything particularly special, although thinking about it, getting out and enjoying the sunshine in my garden is pretty good. Here’s one of my garlic chive flowers, which are always a favourite with both myself and the bees. I popped into Kew, ostensibly to buy some plants…

April 2019 photos

Lots of photos this month, starting off at one of my favourite places in the V&A, the cast courts. Then onto Moel Famau in North Wales. Then back closer to home in Kew Gardens. They’ve currently got a Chihuly exhibition on, which is very good. Then even closer to home, in Richmond Park.

March 2019 photos

There’s been a dearth of good photos this month, despite going on quite a few walks. I did some more stages of the London Loop, the top photo being a bench by the River Colne, near Iver, which is on the route. And this one is from Ham Lands, which is not on the London…

February 2019 photos

This month is all about the walks, as usual, with photos from sections 9 and 10 of the London Loop (Bushy Park, Hounslow Heath, the River Crane and Cranford Park) …. …. plus a walk in Richmond Park (which included a glimpse of a Richmond Park ‘hot duck‘).

January 2019 photos – aka the Shoreditch Street Art Post

January has not been that photogenic for me, however we did go and have a look at the street art in Shoreditch, as S had recently been on a school art trip to the area and she wanted to share what she’d learnt. Chewing gum art outside Old Street station. A commissioned piece by Camille…

December 2018 photos

At the beginning of the month I spent quite a bit of time in the Twickenham area, I know, I’m really selling the area with the above photo. With time to kill, on one of the days I was there, I went on the Three Rivers Walk (if you do this walk, don’t be fooled by…

November 2018 photos

This month’s photos are all from Richmond Park, one walk on a sunny day and one on a misty day. I can be a bit fickle about Richmond Park, I’ve walked it for years, so often crave somewhere new but sometimes, like this month, it’s really good to walk familiar paths and besides, it’s only…

October 2018 photos

Other than a walk on the Thames Path, this month I’ve photographed mainly the cat that’s not my cat. – and Richmond Park, which is looking glorious at the moment.